When we first opened Shear Perfections Salon in Reno, I quickly started to realize that the amount of waste we produced was unreal and even using our local recycling options we still had leftover items. We’re committed to being a sustainable Reno beauty salon that cares about the environment and we want to recycle our excess waste such as: foils, hair, and old color tubes. We want to prevent more things that end up in the trash. Don’t get me wrong, the Waste Management of Nevada does have a pretty hip view on recycling – they even host an Annual Recycled Art Contest to get the community involved, but I still didn’t feel like it was enough.

Hair Recycling - Sustainable Reno Beauty Salon - Shear Perfections Hair Studio

At Shear Perfections Hair Salon, we feel inspired to do our part, for you and for the planet. We are proud to partner with Green Circle Salons – an organization that provides Sustainable Waste Management.

Did you know that 877 lbs of beauty waste is created every single minute? 

That’s over 421,000 lbs a day.

Sustainable Reno Hair Salon Shear Perfections
Recycling our foils and extra hair!

That’s why we’ve partnered with Green Circle Salons to recycle & repurpose our salons waste. We collect items that used to be considered waste, such as hair clippings so that it can be made into hair booms that aid in oil spill clean up.

Learn more about how your hair clippings help clean up oil spills

Now, your old color foils will be collected, cleaned and made into new things like car parts. Your excess color is taken to a chemical waste facility and converted into clean energy or the water is extracted, neutralized and reintroduced into the water system. Not even a drop is able to contaminate our waterways.

You’ll notice newly labeled recyclable bins around the salon the next time you come by for a visit. Please be mindful of labels and dispose of your waste properly that way we can all do our part for a sustainable beauty environment and salon.

We couldn’t have launched this program without our loyal clients. Were so happy that we have amazing clients who also want to be a part of the solution to #MakeBeautyBeautiful and sustainable! Just this year, Green Circle Salons helped divert over 1 million pounds of waste from landfills around the world. That’s even more motivated individuals loving the planet!

We are so proud to be one of the few salons in Reno that provide this service to our clients and to our community. We’re committed to being the best and using the best products, that’s why we carry Goldwell, with options like Nectaya , ammonia-free hair color for sensitive skin & Dermalogica; cruelty-free skincare, made without artificial fragrances & colors and in eco-friendly packaging. Click here to book an appointment online or call 775-323-2222.

Every day is a day that we are able to vote with our money. We are able to choose companies that put people and the planet ahead of profit. We, at Shear Perfections, want to build a better future and leave the planet better than we got it. Feel free to comment and tell me about your favorite planet loving companies so we can inspire and support the growth of our community.

My favorite sustainable local company is Black Rock Refill, they empower us to be less dependent on plastic. This women-run company was inspired by Burning Man and their “Leave No Trace” ideology. From cleaning supplies to festival preparations they’ve got you covered. They even offer FREE shipping if you’re in Reno, that’s way better than Amazon.

Learn how to live a waste-free lifestyle in 5 minutes

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